Dyno Services

What are the benefits of an engine dynamometer (dyno)?

Our SuperFlow Engine Dyno provides the most accurate horsepower and torque readings (no fudging figures). Getting your engine on our dyno results in a superior tune through the use of exhaust gas temperature probes, lambda/o2 sensors, all forms of pressure gauges and sensors, motec and/or innovate motorsports data logging.

Our engine dynamometer also has an induction hat and can display BMEP (Brake Mean Effective Pressure), BSFC (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption), and other measurements that allow fine tuning specific to your performance engine requirements.

Through data logging and testing, we can use the information to help select the best torque convertor, differential, and gear options to match your engine.

What are the benefits of a rear wheel dynamometer (dyno)?

Our DTS/SuperFlow rear wheel dyno requires minimal setup compared to our SuperFlow Engine Dyno. With our single roller dyno we can provide accurate tuning under various engine loads and gather horsepower and torque readings for your vehicle with no fudging of figures.

This allows us to diagnose problems fast on a rolling road scenario and gather emission information for your vehicle (5 gas analyser, IM240 testing) and data logging using a wideband O2 sensor for engine calibration and diagnostics.